Becoming World Class


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"A person with class is someone you want to be around - all the time."
- Ambassador Clare Booth Luce

As we race into the 21st Century, doing what we've always done won't "get us what we always got" anymore. In fact, it will get us an ever-diminishing return because the old rules no longer apply. Levels of awareness and expectation have risen dramatically in the last decade, and professionals who do not raise their appearance, attitude, and actions to meet or exceed those expectations will be left in the dust. To succeed in this increasingly competitive arena, both here and abroad, professionals must become world-class if they want to rise to the top and stay there.

Through our programs on Becoming World-Class, executives learn:

  • Commanding personal presence
  • The nuances of power
  • Managing meetings effectively
  • Effective client entertaining
  • World-class dining skills
  • Savvy social skills
  • The art of gift giving
  • Presenting oneself on the world stage
  • Many, many more tips to stand out from the crowd

And they gain:

  • a greater awareness of the impact of their appearance, attitude and actions on their relationships
  • a vision of their personal best
  • the behaviors that help them gain world-class stature
  • the benchmarks that ensure they continue to stand in a class of their own

Programs include:

  • a workbook
  • resource materials
  • continuing support via phone/fax/e-mail

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