What does Etiquette International do?


Providing business solutions via the Web.

Etiquette International provides programs in a number of formats that are fun and informative, and that participants can apply immediately.

  • one-on-one coaching for executives and leaders who want to have more influence with others
  • in-house corporate workshops, tailored to your organization's specific needs, that lead to better interactions in your marketplace
  • keynotes and breakout sessions at national conferences and conventions, that motivate, educate and entertain audiences
  • public workshops and dining tutorials, held in New York City, for those individuals who prefer to participate in small-group training
  • trainer certification programs for those individuals interested in becoming etiquette and advisers or for corporations that prefer to have in-house etiquette and protocol trainers
  • tele-classes that are topic-specific for a fast and economical way to acquire professional polish
  • educational materials, including books, workbooks, audio tapes, and video taping, designed to reinforce the message, to enable participants to continue the learning process, and to effect behavioral change long after the programs have been completed

Whether coaching senior executives, conducting breakout sessions at conferences or working with groups of new hires in a company, Etiquette International provides programs that are consistently rated highest both for content and presentation in exceeding client needs. Through these programs, we create the behavioral changes that help people become more effective and have greater impact in their careers. Business etiquette and protocol training is a cost-effective investment with considerable personal, professional and financial return.

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