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Hilka Klinkenberg, founder and managing director of Etiquette International, is the author of At Ease…Professionally. As a recognized expert in the field of business etiquette and international protocol she contributes to a variety of publications and web sites around the world and is quoted frequently in major magazines and newspapers. She is also a regular guest on radio and television programs. Hilka brings a unique blend of experience to benefit her clients and help them outshine the competition.

Jane Tucker, one of the leading fashion authorities in the country with extensive research and training in the field of etiquette and protocol, brings out the best in her clients and the way they present themselves with style and grace when interacting with the elite.

Rosanne Fluet combines Brahmin polish and sophistication with warm southern manners and a background as a marketing executive in the stressful, competitive and creative film production and advertising industries to help people excel at developing relationships and in handling demanding clients.

Brian Szepkouski brings a wealth of international experience to his clients. He specializes in cross-cultural communications, international executive development, and strategic planning for global business expansion for companies engaged in or developing international business. He also advises corporations and law firms on issues pertaining to intercultural management, international HR practices and negotiations for the international arena.

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