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Considerate Cubicle Conduct
Exercising even a bit of politeness in an office environment can pay big dividends in productivity, profitability and personal relationships.

F*I*R*S*T * G*E*T * G*O*O*D
FIRST GET GOOD is a simple anagram of the eight aspects of international etiquette and the four guiding principles of international interactions to help you prepare for an international business trip.

Toasting - A Memorable Art
The ability to offer a toast is indeed an art, and one that is becoming rarer with infrequent usage. Mastering the ability to offer a toast can indeed turn even the simplest of occasions into a memorable event.

Taboo Table Offerings
The Intricacies of Intercultural Menu Planning - Dietary restrictions apply not only to Jews and Muslims. Meeting planners must be aware of the different religious, ethnic and philosophical restrictions that can apply to the attendees at any meeting to insure smooth and successful events.

The Niceties of Negotiating
So much of the way people behave in negotiations causes anger, bitterness, hostility, antagonism. What are some of the behaviors that undermine people when they negotiate?

Tips on Negotiating Effectively
Do your homework beforehand...

Networking No-No's
Whatever you do, never make a sales pitch at a networking function. You'll be perceived only negatively as gauche, pushy, needy, desperate, insensitive or inexperienced. ...

Manners Mom Never Taught You
The most important difference between business and social etiquette is that social etiquette is based on chivalry, on the concept that the little lady has to be coddled and protected, whereas business etiquette has military origins. It is based on hierarchy and power.

What the %&$#&! Happened to Civility?
What the blazes happened to civility? That's what the media seems to be pondering these days. Civility is the hot media buzzword at the moment. Each day's news comes to us rife with reports of the disintegration of civility and safety, an onslaught of mean-spirited impulse running amok..

The Art of Gift Giving
Finding the perfect present can become a fun-filled adventure. A gift given with joy is the most wonderful gift to receive, and taking pleasure in gift-giving elevates the act to an art.

Hospitable Hosts, Gracious Guests
The goal is to make others feel good - while retaining your sanity. That does require some planning and work, but that's part of the gift you give your guests, and the thanks you give your host.

Cocktail Party Panache
By learning a few simple rules and by practicing some easy maneuvering, you, too, can handle canapes and cocktails with panache and make impressive first impressions.

Introductions set the tone for interpersonal interactions. Besides the obvious elements of name, title, and affiliation, an introduction conveys a level of respect and reflects how the person making the introduction views the other person's status. Mastering the art of making introductions will help you put others at ease.

Invitations, Reminders & RSVP's
First impressions always count because lasting impressions are formed within seconds. As the first official communication of your event, invitations are the drawing card to whet your audience's appetite and to entice them to attend.

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