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Etiquette International's corporate programs are designed to help companies develop their employees in the fast-changing world of global business. Whether your company is a Fortune 100 stalwart or a hot new start-up, Etiquette International can provide your company with a program tailored to its needs.

Outshining the Competition
Becoming World-Class
Interacting in the
Global Business Arena
Coming to America
One-on-One Executive Coaching
Etiquette/Protocol Trainer Certification
Keynote/Breakout Session Speaker

The Outshining the Competition program is designed to address the needs of sales and marketing executives who interact with clients in a constant stream of meetings and business entertaining. An investment in this program ensures that the corporation's sales and marketing executives will be perceived in a way that reflects favorably on the company and enhances the interpersonal relationships so crucial to sales success. more info ...

The Becoming World-Class program is designed for senior executives and those rapidly ascending the corporate ladder who interact not only with clients, but also with bankers, lawyers, investors and the media as well as with the employees who keep the wheels of industry humming smoothly. It is designed for those executives who must represent their company favorably in numerous situations.

The Coming to America program is designed for business executives from other cultures who are being relocated to the USA. Participants learn to understand and to adapt to American business culture without sacrificing their own culture.

The Interacting in the Global Business Arena program, either in country-specific or generic format, is designed to help international business travelers negotiate the intricacies of business abroad with the same ease and confidence that they would at home. The many little faux pas that undermine international business ventures can be circumvented with an investment in this program.

One-on-one executive coaching programs are tailored to the specific needs of an individual. Personal coaching is ideal for:

  • the industry leader who is a key player in an organization and has unique needs that would not be suitably met in a group environment
  • the 'diamond-in-the-rough', technically brilliant but socially inept, who needs special attention
  • a discreet way to avoid embarrassing one individual within the company

Tele-classes : When face-to-face workshops and coaching do not meet the needs of your organization due to geographic, financial or time constraints, one-hour tele-classes with 10 to 30 participants can be the ideal solution. Participants call in from their own offices to attend these interactive programs. Each tele-class focuses on one area of achievement, and the programs can be held on consecutive days or weeks.

Etiquette/Protocol Trainer Certification : If your company policy mandates in-house training, our semi-annual etiquette trainer certification and annual international protocol trainer certification programs are the ideal solution. Rather than bringing us into your company, we can train one of your staff to provide on-going, in-house programs for your employees.

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