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The 3 A's of a Winner
First impressions are made within a matter of seconds, and they are lasting. But, being "dressed for success" and "colored beautiful" won't make you a winner if your attitude and actions don't reinforce a positive visual appearance. Being a superachiever won't win you kudos if a new client pays a surprise visit on "dress-down Friday" and you or your staff look like slobs. To be a winner, your appearance, your attitude and your actions must all reinforce a positive message.

Manners Mom Never Taught You
The do's and don'ts of gender etiquette are one of the most confusing aspects of dealing with peers in today's business arena. Because men and women do not understand the acceptable behavior for interacting with peers of the opposite sex, mixed messages are sent that too often can be perceived as mild forms of harassment. This tape covers the do's and don'ts ... and their consequences!

The basics of global business etiquette for any executives who want to appear as savvy and feel as in control abroad as they do on their home turf.

Mastering the Art of Mingling
The nuances of effective mingling at any event where business may be conducted.

The Power of Lunch
...or breakfast or dinner. The average American spends between 700 - 800 hours annually eating. Many of those hours are spent in the company of business associates. Since revisions to the tax laws have made business dining more costly, it behooves all executives to ensure that their meals are as effective as possible.

Improve Your P&L by Minding Your P's & Q’s
An overview of the importance of business etiquette in getting and keeping clients in the current economic climate.

Appointment Etiquette to Keep You Ahead of the Game
You may have the greatest product or service in your industry, you may be the most suitable person for the job, but you can undermine yourself on appointments and interviews with inappropriate behaviors. A "how-to" on gracious guesting in someone else's office and hosting visitors on your turf.

Etiquette for the Electronic Age
How to handle telephones, cellular phones, answering machines, voice mail and e-mail with style and grace.

Business Etiquette for the Aughts: Outclassing the Competition
A primer on etiquette for the business arena, tailored to the specifics of your industry, association, or corporation.

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