Why Hire Etiquette International?


Providing business solutions via the Web.

At Etiquette International we present what people need to know in order to present themselves with confidence in a polished and professional manner. We help people identify and develop the skills that are critical to their success. And, we provide ways for people to build better relationships and communicate more effectively with customers and prospects inside and outside your organization.

Our up-to-date and informative programs focus on four key concepts that change the way people present themselves and interact with one another:

  • Awareness: Participants assess their current behaviors and gain an awareness of how they enhance or detract from their effectiveness.
  • Vision: Participants define their personal vision of the way they want to be perceived for maximum impact in their marketplace.
  • Behaviors: Once participants become aware of where they are and where they want to be, we define the core behaviors that are universally accepted in today's business arena. Then we help them map out the changes they must make in their appearance, their attitude and their actions to achieve their desired level of success.
  • Accountability: We work with participants to set the goals and standards of accountability against which they can measure themselves for long-lasting results.

Together, these concepts develop:

  • elevated self-esteem, confidence and ease in all situations
  • improved interpersonal skills
  • more poised, polished and professional employees

which lead to:

  • enhanced corporate image
  • greater receptivity and acceptance by others
  • greater customer good will
  • less price resistance
  • increased repeat business
  • expanded contacts leading to new business
  • more professional and effective in-house professional relations
  • greater employee morale and efficiency
  • expanded market position

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