Coming To America


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"The business of America is business."
- Calvin Coolidge

The realities of the American business arena are far different from that portrayed in the cinema and on television. Businesspersons from abroad often undermine themselves by taking offense at the way American business executives treat them. Or, despite a good command of the language, they encounter difficulty in getting their message across because the pace, the communication style, the egalitarianism of the American business arena is so different from theirs.

Sensitivity to the participants' national culture is an important factor in creating and customizing our workshops for business executives from abroad. Rather than propound USA-centric management and cultural values, seminars are designed to value the differences between the two cultures. Participants learn how to understand and adapt to American business culture without sacrificing their own culture. Interactive exercises and role playing instill ease and confidence in the participants. Handouts reinforce the practical advice that they are given.

Through our Coming to America program, participants learn:

  • what Americans are like
  • to understand American corporate cultures
  • the basics of American business etiquette and protocol
  • gender relations in the American business arena
  • acceptable body language, eye contact and gestures
  • effective communication skills
  • how to get down to business and conduct meetings
  • the nuances of networking
  • how to entertain for business
  • and much more to insure that their transition into the American business arena is successful

And they will gain:

  • an awareness of the differences in their cultural values and those of Americans
  • a vision of their personal best in doing business in America
  • the behaviors and communication skills necessary to be a polished professional in the American business arena
  • the benchmarks to insure their continued success

These programs can be designed as:

  • 1-day to 3-day workshops dealing with American culture, business etiquette and business entertaining

Programs include:

  • a workbook
  • resource materials
  • continuing support via phone/fax/email

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