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When in-person workshops and coaching do not meet your needs due to geographic, financial or time constraints, one-hour tele-classes can be the ideal solution. Participants call in from their own offices or homes to attend these interactive programs. Each tele-class focuses on one area of achievement. Participants can take single programs to address certain areas of concern or they can enroll in a series of programs.

Tele-classes are the easy, economical way for companies and individuals to take advantage of our programs.

The benefits of tele-classes are:

  • a low-cost, convenient way to facilitate change
  • no travel constraints because people can log on from any location
  • cost-savings
    • reduced seminar prices
    • no travel costs for the participants
    • no travel costs for the seminar leader for corporate programs
    • no meeting room costs for corporate programs

Through our tele-classes, participants learn:

  • the behaviors necessary to become polished professionals, one topic at a time

And they acquire:

  • behavioral skills, tips and techniques they can apply immediately

Tele-classes include:

  • support materials sent via e-mail
  • 50% discount on the live program audio tape

Corporate tele-classes can be designed as:

  • a series of one-hour, topic-specific daily or weekly seminars
  • one seminar to address a particular issue in your organization
  • back-end follow-ups to an in-person program
  • pre-program stimulus for in-person workshops
  • a pilot program test market
  • a weekly 'expert hotline' where your staff can log in to have their etiquette/protocol issues addressed
  • customer incentive programs

Your investment:

  • the cost of the long-distance call to connect to the seminar
  • open enrollment classes:
    • $50 each
    • $135 for a series of 3, a 10% saving
    • $400 for a series of 10, a 20% saving
  • corporate tele-class series - 3/4 in-person seminar fee
  • for other corporate programs, please call for details

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