Holiday Greeting Cards


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Holiday greetings are a wonderful way to let your clients know you care about them and appreciate their business. Taking the extra time to select a card that won’t offend, to personalize the message, and to address it properly ensures that your message will be received in the spirit it was intended.

  • If your client base is diverse, make sure the design and greeting on your card are generic. This is not to deny you your freedom of religion or expression; it is to show consideration for the receiver’s potential sensitivities.

  • if the card is being sent to the person’s office, the card should only be addressed to that individual. If the card is being sent to a person’s home, address the card to the spouse as well, even though you may not know that person.

  • While it is correct to have your full name printed or engraved on the card, personalize the message and sign it. Then the recipients don’t feel like they are one of thousands on your mailing list.

  • When cards are signed on behalf of a couple, the name of the person signing is last.

  • If the imprinted names include the first names of both husband and wife, the wife’s name is listed first.

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