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Thank you for considering Hilka for your meeting. Here are a couple of resources to help you better plan the meeting.

Press kit/demo request
Pre-meeting Questionnaire - Completing this form will help Hilka better customize your meeting experience.
Hilka's introduction for the meeting - Please use this to introduce Hilka before the meeting.
- A/V requirements and room setup

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Address   Meeting Date
Meeting Location   Meeting Time
What is the exact meeting title?
What is the specific theme of the meeting?
Is Hilka's program part of an overall program?
If so, where is Hilka's session positioned?
Hilka's arrival date/time
Hilka's starting time
Hilka's ending time
Who will introduce Hilka?
Who will close the session?

What happens before Hilka speaks?

What happens after Hilka speaks?

Who will be attending Hilka's session?
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Number of men Number of women

Who will be the "target" audience?

What are the 3 most important things Hilka should know about the people who will be attending the session? (personality, work environment, income, recognition, competition, current pressures, fears, victories, etc.)

During the past few months, what significant events have affected the target audience? Have these events been perceived as positive or negative?

Names and phone numbers of people Hilka can call to get additional input:

What are your objectives for Hilka's presentation? Imagine yourself standing at the door after the program is over. Each attendee comes up to you and says, "Here's what I am going to do as a result of Hilka's presentation…" What 3 specific actions (primary and secondary) do you want to hear described?

Primary Objectives:

Secondary Objectives:

Briefly describe the job function of the attendees (technical, sales, administrative, in-person client contact, client entertaining, client telephone contact, trade shows, presentations/public speaking, etc.)

Briefly describe your organization's position in the marketplace (products, services, reputation) compared to the competition.

· All of your answers will remain confidential.
· After reviewing everything you send, Hilka will call you to discuss specific ideas for the content that will achieve your objectives.

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